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Living in Our Blessings - Not Our Expectations

It’s the highs and lows of life that build character. Right? Yeah, like I really want to be reminded of that on the dark days when I’m snappy and just want to be left alone with my frustrations and big bag of potato chips.

I had a pretty big, heart-sinking disappointment this past week, and once again I found myself needing to make a decision: do I let my many blessings rise up bigger than this disappointment, or do I give in to my frustration, my anger and sadness (even a few tears) because something didn’t go my way? It's a conscious choice to either live in our blessings OR in our expectations of any given situation.

If we’re skating through the sunny days without a care, sometimes we can lose sight of how God has safely carried us through the dark times.

In my book “Windmills and Stepping Stones,” I used the analogy of placing vivid, brightly-colored objects in front of a dark background for photo shoots because it takes the contrast of light and dark to see the subject in the best light.

“--I love working away in my kitchen creating recipes and then styling them for photos. I have found that quite often, plating the food against darker toned backgrounds brings out the best color, quality, and texture of what’s being featured on the plate. Dark grays, deep wood tones, blue and black all provide great contrast to vibrant colors of vegetables and fruit, warm hues of breads,

rolls and muffins.

The same is true in life. Having a close relationship with Jesus, experiencing His love and presence in our lives is much more vibrant and alive when played against the sharp contrast of a dark and painful past.” (Excerpt from "Windmills and Steppingstones").

For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ

(2 Cor. 4:6) ESV.

It can be all too easy to beat ourselves up and let gravity drag us downhill into despair and hopelessness. Yet it takes energy, purpose and determination to make our way back up and out of the pit into the light of hope and trust for brighter tomorrows. Live brightly in your blessings, friend. Not smothered in your expectations which often lead to disappointment.


Help me live in my blessings. Not my expectations.

Help me to live in the light of all You have brought me through.

Help me to live out each day in the joy of knowing You, and to see the day, this day and all the days to come with thankful eyes.

Help me to always remember that my many blessings far exceed and outweigh my burdens.

Help me to be present in every beautiful moment You offer me.

Help me to see and experience the beauty that lies just beyond the weeds.

Search my heart, Lord. Calm my anxious thoughts and help me to discern all the things that are not of you. May You bring new light and life into this day and help me to live fully thankful. In your name, Jesus. Amen.

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