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Pass the Butter, Please

So, it all started when I spent a few minutes taking inventory of my serving utensils for Thanksgiving dinner. We're having several wonderful people over for the big event, and I can't wait!

I actually invested in a couple new gravy boats because after almost 30 years of marriage, I figured, hey. Why not treat myself to an actual gravy boat (or 2...found some cute ones at World Market) and ditch the spoon-in-the-cup solution from years past?

Salt and pepper shakers? Check.

Plenty of plates? Check.

Uh-oh. What about the butter? How does one make butter look attractive? Homemade bread and a turkey dinner with all the fixin's calls for plenty of butter on the table. But I didn't want to throw a couple sticks of butter on little dishes. Naw. This is Thanksgiving, after all and the love is in the details, right?

I searched for those little individually wrapped pats of butter that you find in restaurants. Not much luck there. Then I remembered that cute silicone baking mold I picked up a couple months ago. You know. The one I really liked but had no idea what I'd ever use it for? Yeah! That one!

So simple and so cute. I think I found the perfect solution.

I just let a couple sticks of butter hang out at room temperature until they softened a little. I used a small cookie dough scooper to scoop the butter into the molds, then smoothed it over with the back of a spoon. I stuck them in the freezer for a little while to firm up (maybe an hour), popped them out, then arranged them in these cute cast iron dishes with a bed of fresh thyme underneath. I'll be making more of these before Thanksgiving. I want to have plenty on hand when someone says, "Please, pass the butter."


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