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Peace of My Heart

Well, it might be a seasonal thing for me, but I’ve changed the decor a bit here at the old web site. The HOME page got a much-needed facelift over the weekend. I’ve added several new images to my STILL LIFE portfolio, and did a little housekeeping with my FOOD photos.

ALSO!!!!! Today is the day! I’m launching a brand new project. I have created a Youtube channel. WHY create a Youtube channel, you ask? Well, I wrote a little mission statement to help answer that question:

Mission Statement: My hope for this channel is to offer the viewer a bit of respite

from the loud rumbles of the world. With my still life images paired with soothing music,

I hope to offer a few peaceful moments through a softer, quieter lens. This is where

I share my creative voice; where I share the peace of my heart.

I do hope you’ll check it out when you get a minute.

Thanks for stopping by!

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