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When I'm Tangled

It was just an old bird cage; the one our parrot lived in before we upgraded him to a little larger space.

It was just a simple white potato vine just beginning to show off for the new season in delicate white blooms.

It was just a few minutes spent unraveling the branches, separating the tendrils to wrap around the bars of the cage and exposing them to sunlight.

Just a few minutes spent unraveling my hurried, worried self, separating my thoughts, my feelings and exposing them to SON light.

When I’m tangled. When I’m hurt or angry and bottled up tight with frustration, it only takes a few minutes in God’s presence to center and restore me. When I’m lost in creating something that brings me joy with my hands, He’s holding me tightly in the palm of His.

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast,

because they trust in you. (Isaiah 26:3)

It’s easy to become tangled up in stress, hurt and worry. I pray you will break free from all that binds you and holds your thoughts captive. I pray you will seek peace and rest only offered in the SON light.

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